Journal DEFENDONESIA is focusing on research publication, analytical study, case study, book review, and/or field research about Indonesia's Defense and Security issues. Jurnal Defendonesia is published by Lembaga Kajian Pertahanan Strategis "Lembaga KERIS" every April and October, with Print ISSN number 2354-6964 and Online ISSN number 2776-687X . If you want to submit your paper (research publication, analytical study, case study, book-review, field research), please follow these instructions:

  1. Download guideline at;
  2. The paper must be in Indonesian, 6-10 pages including title and references, using Microsoft Word format, and template refers to;
  3. Complete author(s) information;
  4. References must be up-to-date, the footnote may be used to clarify unusual terms;
  5. References format systematically refers to Harvard System (Anglia Ruskin University), please go to for more information.